About the conference

What can we do within the confines of the present? What are the discursive possibilities and conditions of accelerationism? What are the investments and aspirations for such a language and for such an endeavor?

Conceptualized by Zbyněk Baladrán, Vít Bohal, Dustin Breitling and Václav Janoščík, the conference will bring together theorists, artists and organizers who will collaborate and elaborate on their visions in order to discover junctures of overlap for thinking about the emancipatory potentials of the future. The fundamental question underwriting this symposium becomes “what does vision involve?” What lenses are necessary for generating trajectories that unbind us from the fixity of the present and propel us towards new episto-political vectors?

Participants: Jason Adams / Armen Avanessian / Julieta Aranda / Martin Brabec / Marek Hrubec / Victoria Ivanova / Antonia Majaca / Katerina Kolozova / Ana Teixeira Pinto / Patricia Reed / Mohammad Salemy / Nick Srnicek / Tony Yanick

The book includes various texts that engage current forms of discourse and expectation in relation to different conceptions of acceleration, speculation, hyperstition, as well as their critiques from the perspectives of philosophy, politics, art and humanities.

Contributors: Jason Adams / Armen Avanessian / Diann Bauer / Amanda Beech / Martin Brabec / Federica Bueti / Bassam El Baroni / Victoria Ivanova / Antonia Majaca / Luciana Parisi / Patricia Reed / Mohammad Salemy / Nick Srnicek / Peter Wolfendale / Tony Yanick