Introduction to the conference


The prevalent trend of accelerationism increasingly appears to be a major intersection of current discussions regarding a redefinition of our agency and subjectivity (in connection with diverse objectivities and inhumanisms), rather than a shared movement. This begs the following question: what can we do within the confines of present conditions? What are the possibilities and conditions of accelerationism itself? What are the investments and aspirations for such a language and for such an endeavor? That is what we mean by Reinventing Horizons.

Furthermore, we believe that a central ambition of accelerationist thinking strives to develop new language in order to engage current syncretisms (hyperstition, precariat, nonhuman, circuitries …). Science, philosophy, and art, along with various other fields, seem to be mediating and enabling the very creation of this language. The modus operandi of Reinventing Horizons engages by means of a broad array of potential realizations (conference, exhibition, a book and a web platform … ).

Coming from the Greek kyklos, ‘horizon’ denotes a binding, a circle. The term encapsulates the epistemological limits of human understanding and the implications of its signification as related to human capabilities of projection and modelling. From this standpoint we understand the texts and authors involved in our project as being connected by this shared urge to reinvent the binding horizons. At each instance, however fragmentary, we are aiming at nothing less than reflecting the very frontier of present thought.

A horizon is also something that needs to be shared even within the dynamics of its reinvention; it needs to form a platform. We hope that this website will generate discussions and reflections on topics not necessarily bound to our initial ideas. “It’s in the ruins of the plan that the platform arrives.” (B. Singleton)